Japan Post Visa: How to Unlock Credit Card Benefits

Unlock a wealth of benefits with your Japan Post Visa card.

From cashback rewards to travel insurance and exclusive perks, your card offers more than just a payment method.


This guide will show you how to maximize these benefits and get the most value from your purchases.

Types of Japan Post Visa Credit Cards

Japan Post Visa offers a variety of credit cards to suit different needs. Here are some of the types available:

  • Japan Post Visa Gold Card: Offers higher credit limits and perks like travel insurance and concierge services.
  • Japan Post Visa Platinum Card: Provides exclusive rewards, travel privileges, and enhanced security features.
  • Japan Post Visa Business Card: Includes expense management tools, employee cards, and business-specific rewards.
  • Japan Post Visa Student Card: Features lower credit limits, budgeting tools, and student-focused rewards.
  • Japan Post Visa Prepaid Card: Allows loading funds for secure transactions without a bank account.

Japan Post Visa: How to Unlock Credit Card Benefits


Understanding Credit Card Benefits

Understanding credit card benefits is vital to maximizing the value of your card. Here are some essential aspects to consider:

  • Types of benefits: Credit cards offer cashback, travel insurance, and rewards points.
  • Activation and eligibility: Some benefits require activation or have specific eligibility criteria.
  • Limitations and restrictions: Consider limitations like expiry dates or spending thresholds.
  • Redemption options: Understand how to redeem benefits, whether statement credits, gift cards, or merchandise.
  • Terms and conditions: Familiarize yourself with the terms to avoid surprises.
  • Customer service: Contact customer service for help understanding or using your benefits.

How Credit Card Benefits Can Save Money and Enhance Experiences

Credit card benefits offer more than convenience—they can also help you save money and enhance your experiences.

Here are some ways how:

  • Cashback rewards: Earn money back on your purchases, reducing overall spending.
  • Travel perks: Enjoy benefits such as travel insurance, airport lounge access, and hotel upgrades, saving you money on travel expenses.
  • Rewards points: Accumulate points that can be redeemed for flights, hotel stays, merchandise, and more, adding value to your purchases.
  • Purchase protection: Benefit from extended warranties, price protection, and fraud protection, providing peace of mind and potential savings.
  • Concierge services: Access personalized assistance for travel bookings, event tickets, and more, enhancing your overall experience.

Card Charges

Understanding the fees associated with your Japan Post Visa card is crucial for effective financial management.

Here are the specific fees you should be aware of:

  • Annual fee: The annual fee for Japan Post Visa cards varies depending on the card type, ranging from ¥1,000 to ¥10,000.
  • Foreign transaction fee: 3% of the transaction amount is charged for transactions made in a foreign currency.
  • Cash advance fee: A fee of 2% of the transaction amount or a minimum of ¥200 is charged for cash advances.
  • Late payment fee: A fee of ¥1,000 or 3% of the minimum payment amount, whichever is higher, is charged for late or missed payments.
  • Overlimit fee: ¥1,000 is charged when you exceed your credit limit.
  • Returned payment fee: A fee of ¥1,000 is charged for returned or declined payments.

How to Access Credit Card Benefits

To fully benefit from your credit card perks, knowing how to access them is essential. Here’s how:

  • Online account access: Register for an online account to manage and access your benefits conveniently.
  • Terms and conditions: Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your credit card benefits to understand how to utilize them.
  • Customer service: Contact customer service for assistance activating or using your benefits.

Maximizing Cashback Benefits

Maximizing cashback benefits can significantly boost your savings. Here are some strategies to help you get the most out of your cashback rewards:

  • Category spending: Use your card for purchases in bonus categories to earn higher cashback rates.
  • Timing of purchases: Make major purchases during promotional periods to maximize cashback rewards.
  • Cashback portals: Use cashback portals when shopping online to earn additional cashback on top of your credit card rewards.
  • Paying bills: Use your credit card to pay regular bills to earn cashback on expenses you would have paid anyway.
  • Redeeming wisely: Choose the right time to redeem your cashback rewards to maximize their value.
  • Card stacking: Combine cashback rewards from multiple sources, such as shopping portals and credit cards, for even more significant savings.

Japan Post Visa: How to Unlock Credit Card Benefits

Utilizing Travel Insurance Benefits

Travel insurance benefits can provide peace of mind and save money on unexpected expenses. Here’s how:

  • Understand coverage: Know what is and isn’t covered by your travel insurance.
  • Activate coverage: To activate your insurance, ensure you meet any requirements, such as booking travel with your credit card.
  • Emergency contact: Keep your issuer’s emergency contact information handy while traveling.
  • Making a claim: Understand the claims process and provide all necessary documentation promptly.
  • Coverage limits: Be aware of any limits on coverage, such as maximum trip duration or coverage amounts.
  • Additional benefits: Explore extra benefits like rental car coverage or lost luggage reimbursement.

Earning and Redeeming Rewards Points

Earning and redeeming rewards points can add significant value to your credit card usage. Here’s how to make the most of your rewards program:

  • Earning points: Understand how points are earned, including bonus categories and promotions.
  • Redeeming points: Explore redemption options, such as travel, merchandise, gift cards, or statement credits.
  • Point expiration: Be aware of any expiration dates for your points and plan your redemptions accordingly.
  • Point value: Calculate the value of your points to ensure you’re getting the best return on your spending.
  • Transfer options: Transfer points to partner loyalty programs for potentially higher redemption value.
  • Bonus offers: Take advantage of bonus point offers for specific spending categories or activities.

Other Exclusive Benefits of Japan Post Visa

Japan Post Visa offers a range of exclusive benefits beyond the typical rewards programs. Here are some additional perks you can enjoy:

  • Special discounts: Access exclusive discounts and promotions at partner merchants.
  • Concierge services: Enjoy personalized assistance with travel bookings, event tickets, and more.
  • Priority customer service: Receive dedicated support for credit card-related inquiries or issues.
  • Purchase protection: Benefit from extended warranties, price protection, and fraud protection on eligible purchases.
  • VIP experiences: Access VIP events, experiences, and offers reserved for cardholders.
  • Travel perks: Enjoy travel-related benefits such as airport lounge access, hotel upgrades, and complimentary travel insurance.

How to Apply

Applying for a Japan Post Visa card is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can apply:

  1. Visit the Japan Post website: Go to the Japan Post website and navigate to the credit card section.
  2. Choose a card: The Japan Post Visa card that best suits your needs, such as the Gold, Platinum, or Student card.
  3. Fill out the application: Complete the online application form with your personal and financial information.
  4. Submit documents: Upload any required documents, such as proof of income or identification.
  5. Wait for approval: Once you submit your application, wait for Japan Post to review and approve it.
  6. Receive your card: You’ll receive your Japan Post Visa card by mail upon approval.
  7. Activate your card: Follow the instructions to activate and start using it.

Customer Support

For any inquiries or assistance regarding Japan Post Visa cards, here are the contact details:

  • Toll-Free Number (within Japan): 0120-5931-55
  • Chargeable Mobile Phone Number: 0570-046-666 (Charges may apply)
  • English Support: 0570-046-111
  • Head Office Location: 2-3-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8792

To Conclude

In conclusion, Japan Post Visa cards offer valuable benefits and rewards that can enhance your financial management and lifestyle.

Understanding how to access and maximize these benefits is vital.

Whether you seek cashback rewards, travel perks, or exclusive benefits, Japan Post Visa has a card.


The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice.

Please consult a financial advisor or credit card issuer for specific guidance related to your circumstances.